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Whether it’s the latest in party favors, color palettes, or what to serve on your special day, Palace Resorts keeps you up to date on everything you need to know for your big day.

Marelis Teran: Creating the perfect cake for destination weddings

We sat down for a question and answer session with Chef Teran to get a slice of how she envisions, molds, and decorates her wondrous creations to the delight of endless wedding parties. Oh, and we also wanted to find out what a Donut Wall is!

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How to Planthe Perfect Vacation Proposal

You and the love of your life are enjoying a dreamy sunset on a Caribbean beach or trekking through a tropical rainforest, and despite enjoying sensory overload in every delicious way, the only thing you can really think about is how lucky you are to be in love.

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Make Your Maidof Honor's Life A Lot Easier

When you think about your dream wedding, what do you see? Your loved ones on a stunning beachfront? A backdrop of calm, turquoise water? From now until you tie the knot, there will be a lot of planning involved to help bring your fantasy to life.

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5 Winter WeddingTrends

Winter is here and with it a flurry of couples who are embracing the season for their own special day in the Caribbean. After all, why should summer have a lock on amazing weddings?

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Destination Wedding TRENDS FOR SUMMER

About a fifth of American couples opt for destination weddings – over the traditional hotel or banquet hall event – and with stunning views and incredible year-round weather, it shouldn’t be any surprise that Mexico and the Caribbean are on the top of the most sought-after destinations.

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